Thursday 18 March 2021

10 Creative Lockdown Activities

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This time last year the UK was entering it's first lockdown and now we sit in our third. It's been a hard slog for many of us. Many of us started with a huge amount of good intentions.  

Long walks. Healthy eating. Reading. A creative activity here and there. Then, well, we got bored. It got a bit repetitive. A bit samey. We started running out of ideas. 

As we continue into lockdown I've put together a list of 10 Creative Lockdown Activities for you to try. Some are for kids. Some are for grownups. There's a bit of something for everyone. 

A wooden rainbow display sitting on a shelf

1. Build Big With Lego

Lego has increased massively in popularity during the various lockdowns, with many sets out of stock or selling quickly. We've been lucky to have received lots of Lego in the form of hand me downs, but even we have added to our supply. With sets ranging from fifty pieces up to thousands, there's lots on offer for various ages and capabilities. 

2. Colour In The Lines

Colouring-in is another creative activity that isn't just for kids. There are tonnes of colouring books available for kids and grownups from places like Amazon and The Works. I received a colouring book and a set of crayons at Christmas and I'm trying to make use of it whenever I get the urge to scroll my phone, using it as a creative alternative.

3. Visit A Gallery Online

Always wanted to wander around The Met or The Louvre but never got the chance? Well, believe it or not during COVID you can! View the artworks of the greatest artists without setting foot out the door. A quick visit to the gallery's website will lead you into a word of creativity. Some galleries are even offering free colouring sheets of classic artworks to assist in your creativity. 

4. Start A One Day Jar

There's a lot of things that can be made with an empty jar. Candle holders, storage, upcycle, recycle, there's lots of ideas. One of the ones we're planning on doing very soon is a One Day Jar. Simply find a clean and empty jar label it 'One Day' using a creative font. It's easy to find freebie fonts site with a quick Google, but personally I use Font Bundles. It's full of free and unique fonts for your use in anyway you want. Fill the jar with the things you'd like to do one day, when COVID is over. 

5. Create A Window Display

Many of us decorated with rainbows in our windows during the first lockdown and lots of people went all out with their Christmas lights too. I've seen lots of homes near us doing regular and different themed window displays. Easter, summer, Remembrance and Christmas have all featured. It doesn't have to be an expensive activity. Printables and a little colouring-in can go a long way.

A child's rainbow collage

6. Build A Den

Now, when I say build a den, I don't mean a couple of cushions and a blanket. I mean going all out with a stack of pillows, blankets, duvets. A full fort that you can fit the family in! Maybe even bunker down and watch a movie whilst you're tucked up in there. 

7. Get Your Bake On!

Cookies, cakes and bread! Oh my!! Remember when lockdown first started and you couldn't scroll through Instagram without seeing a bake of some kind? Well, it's time to refresh that feed and get your bake on. Maybe a bake you've not tried before or an old favourite you've not had chance to make for a while. 

8. A Little Garden Creativity

Getting creative in the garden is a great way to spread your creative wings whilst staying at home. Whether you paint your own gnome, make a wreath, do some creative planting or paint your shed in a elaborate colour, brightening up your garden is a great way to be creative and outdoorsy at the same time. 

9. Take An Art Class

Not everyone is a born artist or creative type but that doesn't mean you can't give it a try. Head over to YouTube where you'll find lots of step by step posts on how to draw or paint. There's been lots of Disney animators and comic creators share their guides, so there's something for everyone. Why not give it a try?

10. Scrapbook Your Lockdown Memories

Been keeping little snapshots or mementos from your lockdown adventures? Maybe photos of your many works or ticket stubs from the brief period we could mix and go places. Piece them together and scrapbook your proof that you got through the lockdowns. We're also going to do one full of our homeschooling experience. The teacher would like proof that she survived!

Now, you've got 10 fresh ideas for some lockdown creativity. Got an idea to share? Let me know in the comments.

Mummy Snowy Owl


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