Friday, 19 March 2021

Tidy Home - Keeping Your Water Clean & Healthy

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Running water is a day to day utility that we probably take a little for granted. For many of us we use it without a second thought, but we need to remember that its a luxury that not everyone happens to have. Whether a luxury or an essential, just like with other utilities there can be problems. Here are a few of the most common ones.

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Smelly Water

No-one wants bad smells in the bathroom or the kitchen. However, it’s even more worrying when they’re coming from the taps. If you can smell something that smells like rotten eggs or sewers from tap water, you’re actually smelling hydrogen sulfide as a result of bacteria that eat and convert sulfur into this eggy smelling molecule. There are a few reasons why this might happen, such as a magnesium heating rod in your plumbing causing hot water to smell, but getting in touch with a plumber if the most effective way to take care of it.

Knowing The Signs Of Contamination

Tap water can be prone to all manners of contamination. While mostly safe, you should keep an eye, nose, and ear out for some of the signs of contamination and be ready to buy a water filtration system if you want to deal with it yourself and make your tap water safe to drink. Some of the signs can include a fishy, oily or bitter taste, a smell of chlorine (like you would smell at the swimming pool), or water that looks cloudy, foamy, or even slightly dirty.

Finding Its Softer Side

Not all forms of contamination make water unsafe to drink. If you live in an area with high deposits of natural minerals, these can naturally erode into water supplies, turning it into hard water. Hard water might not harm you but it can certainly cause problems, such as creating limescale and even leading to malfunctions as mineral deposits build-up on pipes and appliances, necessitating the use of water softeners. It might not be a threat to your health, but it can definitely make your home life a lot less convenient without treatment.

It’s Way Too Hot

You should naturally expect that your hot water tap is going to provide hot water. However, if it quickly becomes way too hot to touch, then it’s likely that there might be an issue with how your hot water heater is working. Sometimes, it can be fixed simply by finding the thermostat and turning it down so that it doesn’t heat up quite as high but, otherwise, you might want to consider a plumber. Overly hot water can lead to a lot of issues, aside from the potential of scalding yourself, such as wearing rubber washers that can lead to leaks.

If you have any problems with your tap water, then you naturally want to get over them as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for the issues mentioned above and make choose the right solution for them.

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