Saturday 10 November 2018

November Giveaway!

October has gone and we are now well into November, so it's time for this month's giveaway! 

I'm excited to say it's a Christmas one! 

American style mailbox sticking out of the snow with Merry Christmas written on the side

This month I'm working with Lapland Mailroom to giveaway away one of their letter bundles.

Screenshot of Lapland Mailroom website

One winner will receive a personalised letter from Santa including a nice list certificate and activity pack! 

The kind elves will send up to four letters to the winner, so it's ideal if you have a big family!!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning simply tell me what you remember asking Santa for when you were little!

Good luck!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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  1. Usually I asked for a surprise because I liked what 'Santa' came up with on his own. :)

  2. i asked for a type writer every year, but never got one :(

  3. I loved Lego as a child so was always asking for kits for Christmas.

  4. a mr frosty!

  5. I just wanted toys as a child or Nintendo ds games

  6. Compendium box set of games as a big gift was well out of our reach in the 1970s

  7. A Mr Frosty ... and I never got one!

  8. I can remember my parents getting a donation gift form from Barnados and there was a dolls house on it, and I was a a bit of a pain and wanted to know why they should get a dolls house and I couldn't have one. Got one for Christmas, they had already bought me the one from my cousins which I played with when we used to visit. Oh and a pony, but that took me well over the age of "writing Santa a letter" (ie I was working and had been volunteering at our local stables) before I got him.

  9. A Tiny Tears doll that did a wee :-)

  10. A Clarinet idea why 😂

  11. I honestly cannot remember! I know for many years I wanted a Mr Frosty though, so it might well have been for one of those!