Wednesday 28 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide - Family Board Game (5+)

Item gifted for review purposes.

Welcome back to my Christmas gift guide, where I'm sharing lots of ideas for your Christmas shopping list!

This latest item is another great board game and this one can be enjoyed by the younger members of the family with an age guideline of 5+.

Picture of the Igloo Mania game in its box, surrounded by wrapping paper, ribbon

Igloo Mania is a block moving game made by Brainstorm and once set up is simple to play. I like to think of it as Jenga for little ones but on ice!

Initial set up consists of labeling up your blocks, Parker Pete and the penguins. 

Contents of the box including instructions, block, igloo base etc

Using the dome as a template you then build your igloo, popping Parker Pete in the top and lifting the igloo off the dome when you're done. 

Igloo blocks being put onto the base to build the igloo

Completed igloo with Parker Pete on the top

You then take it in turns to remove the blocks with the penguin picks and if any fall you have to take those too!

Child using a penguin pick to take a block

The aim is to collect the least blocks by the time the igloo falls, with the person with the fewest blocks being the winner!

Pile of igloo blocks

We have loved playing Igloo Mania and have played it most days since it's arrival! 

At first glance you may think it's complicate to set up but it isn't at all! Each block is numbered and the instructions are easy to follow, so much so that Joseph sets ours up whilst I make a cup of tea!

So if you're looking for a board game that's ideal for family time as a main gift or stocking filler for someone, add Igloo Mania to your list!

Igloo Mania is available at most toy shops and is currently available from Amazon here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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