Tuesday 20 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide - Family Board Game (7+)

Item gifted for review purposes.

Welcome back to my Christmas Gift Guide.

The latest gift idea is the kind of gift I got regularly as a child but we don't seem to give all that often these days. As people try and breakaway from tech and have family time though, board games are making a comeback!

Googly Eyes is for those aged 7+ and is for 4 or more players, making it a great game for family time.

Boxed board game laid out next to ribbon and wrapping paper

The game comes with a pair of glasses, different coloured lenses, die, timer, player markers, notepad and pencil, game board and cards.

Open board game box

Contents of the box

Playing as a team, the aim is to work together to be the first to the finish. To play you role the die and move your marker accordingly. 

Board game laid out ready to play

The colour of the space you land on determines which item you have to draw, the time limit and the lenses you have to use, with some lenses being more blurred than others.

Game being played

You then put on your googly eye glasses and try and draw the item with blurry vision! If your team guess what the drawing is before the timer runs out you get to role the die again and move your marker before passing over to the other team for their turn.

Little boy wearing the googly eye glasses and holding the pad and pen

A great game for the family, Googly Eyes is a board game where all ages can play together and playing as teams means everyone can get involved!

Googly Eyes is currently available to buy in most toy shops for around £9.99 (at time of publishing) and can be found at Amazon here.

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