Sunday 18 November 2018

Cadbury World

After a busy summer and with Joseph now at school it seem ages since we've had a day outSo, with Daddy off over half term we made use of our time together and had a trip to Cadbury World in Bournville, Birmingham!

Exterior shot of an old factory with the words cadbury on its frontage

As we visited during the busy half term period we pre-booked our tickets, including our time slot, on the Cadbury World website. We arrived just before our slot and were told we could head in early. We were given our first free bars of chocolate and Joseph was given a quiz sheet to do the way round. Getting the answers right resulted in another free bar of chocolate! 

Within the first area we learnt about the discover of chocolate and the lives of the Aztecs. This then moved on to history of importing cocoa beans and from there we found ourselves in a traditional street yard and the start of the Cadbury story. We also witnessed the chocolate process and how it had changed over the years.

The factory tour saw us see some of the making process and try chocolate tempering and writing. 

Melted chocolate being tempered with a spatular

Little boy with chocolate on his hands

We had our photo taken in the style of an advert, rode around the little bean world and best of all tried melted chocolate with a topping of our choice and got another free bar of chocolate! Yum! Yum! There was also an interactive play area to try too!

Melted chocolate in a small pot with fudge pieces

We then stopped for lunch in the Cadbury World restaurant and it was reasonably priced with hot meals being better value than cold.

Next, we headed outside to the play park which Joseph loved! We also visited the 4D cinema, which we all enjoyed, especially after queuing in the cold! We also had a walk round The Bournville Experience, which shared more of the Cadbury history, including the building and creation of Bournville, memories and diaries of former employees and the effect of the war on Cadbury, its staff and their families.

Mother and son stood in front of the factory

With our day out drawing to a close we paid a visit to the shop. Many of the items are priced similarly to supermarkets but we also went into the outlet area and grabbed some bargains!

We really enjoyed our time at Cadbury World. It wasn't quite a full day out but it was enough for us with the travelling. I also feel that we made the right choice going in the morning as we spread our day out a little, whereas going in the afternoon would have been a little rushed.

British style taxi on made into a monster truck with big tyres, painted purple and with pictures of chocolates along its side

As with any day out I like to share my top tips, so here we go!

  • Pre-book your tickets! Cadbury World can get very busy and if you turn up on the day you run the risk of being turned away. There's also a discount if you do pre-book! 
  • Take a bag for your free chocolate!
  • Wrap up warm if you're going in winter as the play park and queuing area for the 4D cinema are outside.
  • Mornings are quieter than afternoons! We got to go in early for our morning slot but people were queuing out the door during the afternoon!
  • Hot meals in the restaurant are better value than cold! By the time you've bought a kids meal deal they could have a hot dinner for a similar price. The same goes for adult meals with a proper dinner costing one or two pounds more than an average sized panini. There's also a hot meal deal for two adults and two kids, which works out good value for larger families.
  • Pushchairs can only go so far in the tour so prepared to carry your little ones and take reins if they're the Usain Bolt of toddlers like Joseph was!
  • Visit the outlet area of the shop to grab some bargains! 
  • Make sure you visit the toilets in the reception area before going in as there's a bit of a gap before anymore.
  • Take some change for the ride-on cars that seem impossible to avoid when you leave!
Little boy giving a thumbs up from a ride on truck

We enjoyed our time at Cadbury World, especially the free chocolate!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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