Sunday 5 November 2017

Book of the week!

Book of the week is a little bit late this week! We've been super busy at home and when I've had chance to sit down I've had a problem with my eyelids closing and nodding off to sleep!! But now the time has finally come for this week's book of the week!  

This week's book is a bit of an educational one! It's Snappy First Words in Spanish!

A white mouse in a brightly colours background and the title Snappy First Words in Spanish

As a pop-up and pull-tab book, Snappy First Words in Spanish is the perfect book to help teach your children a new language. 

It is full of super bright illustrations and featured scenes and objects little ones will be familiar with. Home, school and the town are all included.

A 3 year old child sitting on a sofa reading a book

The pull-tabs help slide the words from English to Spanish making the learn fun and easy for children.

Our copy was another fabulous hand me down, but after a quick flick round the internet I've found it available secondhand here at Amazon, where prices vary. You can also find it at The Book People for the bargain price of £2.00!

A child sitting on a sofa reading a book

As you can see our 3 year old Joseph is currently a fan!

Happy reading!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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