Tuesday 31 October 2017

Movie of the week!

Wow the week's are flying by and its time again for movie of the week!

This week's movie is a Disney Pixar classic. Loved by many, this film is one of our all times faves!

This week's movie of the week and the film we're watching on repeat this time is Toy Story 3!!

Toy Story 3 movie poster

The third in the series of Toy Story movies sees the return of the much loved Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang, but things have changed.

Andy is preparing for college and as much as the toys try he just doesn't play with them anymore. After a mix up clearing his room, the toys round themselves on the kerb among the trash bags. Woody tries to ensure them it was an accident but the toys decide to jump in a box marked for donation to the local daycare.

Scene of Lotso introducing the toys to the playgroup

After leaving the others behind, Woody finds himself is the care of a little girl named Bonnie, but her toys only have bad tales of daycare and the bear in charge, Lotso.

Woody rushes to save his friends, whilst wanting to return home in time to go to college with Andy. 

Will he get the them in time? Most of you will probably already know the answer to that but why not kick back and watch it again! 

Little boy curled up next to his Mum as he watches the movie

Just remember the tissues.

Our copy was part of a set our 3 year old received as a Christmas gift but it's currently available on Amazon by clicking here.

Happy watching!!

Mummy Snowy Owl

P.S. We always dance when Buzz is in Spanish mode!

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