Tuesday 24 October 2017

Sleep soundly with the ResMed S+

Millions of people struggle to sleep. Whether it be stress, pain or insomnia, there are plenty of reasons behind a broken nights sleep, but can a better understanding of your sleep pattern help?

I was recently offered the chance to try the S+ device by ResMed.

The sleek looking device works with an app on your phone to monitor and assess your sleep patterns, giving daily and personalised feedback.

Sleep device alongside an iphone

Now, I have tried other phone apps but I've never found them to be that effective. I'm also the owner of a Fitbit, which also offers sleep monitoring but as someone who curls up with the hands under their head, that's not the most comfortable option either. All of these factors make the S+ the perfect alternative. 

Sleep, and getting as much of it as possible, is really important to me. Not only as a Mum to a 3 year old but also as a sufferer of chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. Lack of sleep can be hard on anyone and for Fibromyalgia sufferers it can cause days of pain and flare ups.

When the S+ arrived we were just preparing for a week away at Centerparcs. I was also battling a bit of a flare up so decided it would be the perfect time to try the device, enabling me to see how I sleep when I'm not well, and also compare holiday sleep to home and working sleep! 

Unboxing the S+ I found that even the packaging was sleek! It came with the required lead, plug and a set up guide. 

Boxed sleep device

Boxed sleep device

Downloading the app and getting the device linked to my phone was so easy! 

Screenshot of the phone set up

The app logs the findings of the device and also offers a Mind Clear area for you to note whats on your mind and keeping you awake. There's also an alarm with various sounds for a more natural wake up, along with relaxing melodies to help you drift off. 

ResMed device

So I've slept for quite a few nights with the S+ at my side and now, the results are in and I have to say that I'm impressed! The app gives a clear breakdown of your sleep pattern, the length of each type of sleep and your total length of sleep. 

Screenshot of the results of the ResMed on the phone app

I found it strangely interesting in that on the night I had what I thought was a bad nights sleep it was actually the best I'd had for a while. The same goes for what felt like the best nights sleep, as it was actually the worst. 

Screenshot of the results of the ResMed on the phone app   Screenshot of the results of the ResMed on the phone app

What was even stranger is that knowing I had a reasonable nights sleep on days when I thought I hadn't actually made me feel so much better. Like I was refreshed and ready to start the day! It's possibly psychological but either way the S+ has helped me drift off for a better nights sleep, wake more naturally and understand how I sleep better.

You can read more about the ResMed S+ here and you can buy it from Amazon here.   

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