Halloween Craft - Wizard Wands (alternative to glue gun)

If you liked the look of the last craft but haven't got a glue gun then this is for you. A glue gun free wizard wand! So here we go!

You will need

- A chopstick (try your local take away, prices vary from 50p to £1 for a pair)

- Two pegs
- PVA glue (£1.00 for a large bottle @ Poundland)
- String (50p for a ball)
- Scissors
- Your choice of coloured paint (£1.00 @ The Works)
- Paint brush
- Plate/bowl/palette for your paint

Important!! Remember to protect your surfaces!!

First, cut a piece for string long enough to wrap around the chopstick and put some of the PVA glue on the plate.

Wrap the string around the chopstick and use the pegs to hold it in place at each end. 

Using the brush cover the string and the areas near to it in PVA  glue.

Leave to stand on the pegs to dry.

Once dry remove the pegs and glue the ends if needed. Remember to keep the freshly glued parts face up so they don't stick to your surface or table cover.  Leave to dry.

Next, put a small amount of your chosen paint on to the plate and paint the chopstick and string. 


Leave one end unpainted and use the peg to keep it upright. 

When the paint is dry remove the peg and paint the other end. Peg the opposite end to dry.

Leave to dry and you're done!




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