Halloween Craft - Wizard Wands

Fancy making your own unique wand filled of handmade magic?? Yes! Well here you go!

I will be doing two versions of this craft. The first with a glue gun and the second with normal PVA glue, as I realise not everyone will have a glue gun and its not overly safe to do with the kids!

You will need

- A chopstick (try your local take away, prices vary from 50p to £1 for a pair)
- A peg
- Glue gun (£5.00 @ Hobbycraft)
- Your choice of coloured paint (£1.00 @ The Works)
- Paint brush
- Plate/bowl/palette for your paint

Important!!! Remember to protect your surfaces!

Allow the glue gun to heat and once it's ready take the glue gun in one hand and the chopstick in the other. Turn the chopstick as you put the glue gun to it.

The glue will dry quickly but you won't be able to lay in it flat straight away, so use the peg to stand it up straight by placing it on an end of the stick. 

Once the glue is dry but some of your chosen colour on the plate and paint your wand. You'll need to use the peg again on one end until it drys, so the paint doesn't come off or smug. Once its dry paint the other end and then you're done. I've done two different colours for you to see the difference. 

I find the glue gun way much more effective than pva glue and string BUT only buy a glue gun if you are going to use it over and over again. I bought mine when it was half price in Argos and it cost around £7.00 but I use it so much it was worth it. I fix all kinds of things with it but spines of children's books are a specialty!! 

Enjoy and........ Happy Halloween!!

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