Halloween Craft - Pumpkin Picture & Bunting

As the nights drawer in our thoughts start to turn to the festivities the next few months have to hold, with the next being Halloween.

Over the next couple of weeks I will bring you a range of crafts to do with the kids and this is the first one!!

As usual I've included the prices for the items you may not have.

For the picture you will need

  • An apple (79p for a bag @ Aldi)
  • A knife
  • A bowl or plate for the paint (I normally use a paper plate)
  • Orange paint or red and yellow to make orange (£1.00 for 300ml @ The Works)
  • White paper (£2.40 for 500 sheets @ Wilko)
  • Green felt tip
  • Black felt tip
To carry on and make bunting

  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • String or ribbon (I've used ribbon I've had for ages but string is currently 50p for a ball @Wilko)
Important!!! If your little ones are messy painters remember to protect your table/work surface/carpet/clothes/cat etc!!!

Start by putting a small amount of the orange paint on to your plate or into your bowl. Next cut the apple in half and with the flat side facing down push it round the plate so it is covered in paint. 

Move over to your paper and use the apple like a stamp. When the print gets too patchy cover in paint and start again, adding more paint to your plate if needed. Keep going until you're happy with the amount of pumpkin shapes. Leave to dry.

Next, using your green pen draw on the stem of the pumpkin. Use the black for the face. The kids can get really creative here, coming up with a variety of faces and expressions.

If you're just making the picture then you are done, otherwise lets move on to the bunting.

Using your scisssors cut out your pumpkins. 

Then measure out and cut your string or ribbon for the length you would like. Use the sticky tape to stick the pumpkins to the string, leaving a space in-between.

That's it! You have your spooky pumpkin bunting.



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