Wednesday 27 February 2019

How To Help Your Child Learn A Foreign Language

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Learning a language can open up a whole new world for your children. But where should you start? Mill Hill School share their top tips on how you can help lay the foundations for your child’s foreign language learning success…

Start early

The earlier you introduce a second language, the easier it will be for your child to learn it later on. Start by introducing your chosen language to your child by learning a few words at a time.

As soon as your child starts to learn new words and begins to develop their vocabulary, start to point out to your child that food, animals and objects can all have two names. You can also use children’s music and television shows in a second language to encourage learning.

Use flashcards or labels

Using flashcard or labeling objects around your house is a quick and easy way to help your children learn the names of everyday items in another language. Simply purchase a pack of ready-made flashcards or make your own labels using sticky notes and a bold marker.

Reading the labels, whenever your child spots them around your home, will help them to store the names of the objects in their memory.

Online lessons and apps

There are many useful and often free online courses and apps that will allow your child to learn from the comfort of their own home. These resources can help to make learning a new language more fun and engaging for children by using interactive games.

These simple starting points will help to provide the essential language learning tools.

Learning languages doesn’t need to be a tiresome task. It is important to make the process fun and interesting for children. Try to incorporate language learning into your everyday lifestyle and use fun activities to increase attention and focus.

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Monday 25 February 2019

Tidy Stuff - Trying To Achieve A Tidy Home

Whether you're kid free and working, managing a brood of little ones as a stay at home parent or doing something between the two, keeping a tidy home can be hard work.

When I was kid free and working full-time I always struggled to stay on top of laundry and ironing. Now, as a parent, it's keeping toys tidy and crumbs off the floor!

Flatlay of cleaning supplies

Friday 22 February 2019

Boots Made For Memories

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Having fun means making memories, which often means exploring. We frolic through the trees quite often, and to do that, we need boots. They keep our feet warm, they're comfortable, and they provide support when we want to trollop through the leaves.

I always make sure I have a good pair of boots around for adventures such as these. Here are some of the tried and true styles that work for style, comfort, and use in all outdoor exploring weather.

Lower shot of a woman's walking a track wearing flower printed boots

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Another February Giveaway!

As promised in the earlier giveaway post, this month there is a second giveway!!

This one is also book related but is for the grown-ups!! If you love books and TV, especially a good adaptation then these pair are for you.

Two books with movie or tv images on the cover, one titled You and the other Bird Box

Monday 18 February 2019

February Giveaway!

This month's giveaway is a little late to the party but it's finally here! As Reading Week has taken place at our son's school this term and with World Book Day next month, I thought it was fit to have a book giveaway! Two of them!

The first is this selection of ten children's books! 

Friday 15 February 2019

39 Ways To Make Money From Your Crafting Hobby

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Crafting is a great way of separating yourself from the day and letting your mind wander into something more creative. It’s also a fantastic way of making a little bit of extra cash here and there and if you don’t have time to run a full crafting business, you might be wondering how you can earn some extra money from your hobby. So, to help you out, here are some great way of making money from your crafting hobby.

Flatlay showing string, ribbon and scissors