Wednesday 12 December 2018

Messy Jam Tarts

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Jam tarts are a traditional treat, which plenty of us sample around Christmas time! As I've brought you an alternative to mince pies with my Christmas Star Bites, I thought I'd do an alternative to jam tarts by jazzing up the recipe a little!

Jam tarts with meringue and chocolate toppings

Monday 10 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide - Dressing Up Outfit

Item gifted for review purposes.

After a few days off the gift guide is back!

This gift is for the kids that love fancy dress, creative play and most of all dinosaurs!!

Dinosaur outfit laid out among wrapping paper and ribbon

Saturday 8 December 2018

Goodbye November!

How are we in December already!!! I can't believe it's time to look back on November! 

At the start of the month we enjoyed the last few days of Joseph's first half term! It was great to have some family time together and with Daddy at home we paid a visit to Cadbury World and the new visitors centre at Sherwood Forest!

Little boy dressed as Spider-Man walking on a woodland path

Thursday 6 December 2018

December Giveaway!

It's a brand new month so it's time for a shiny new giveaway!!!

This one will close a little early than usual as I hope to get the prize out to the winner ready for the start of the new year! The reason for this is that this month's prize is a good one to start the year with and to help get you organised!

This month's giveaway is for this Harry Potter Collectors Box Set by Danilo!

Black box with gold writing and edging that reads Harry Potter, surrounded by wrapping paper and ribbon

Tuesday 4 December 2018

How To Fight For Your Family

Collaborative Post

As a parent you will always want to fight for your family so that they can lead the best possible life. Life though can be difficult and challenging which means that sometimes a parent needs to be there to help and there are many situations where this is required. Additionally, a good parent will know when to let a child fight their own battles and provide them with the skills that they need in order to do this effectively and well. Knowing how to do this as a parent is tricky but read on for a few tips on how you can fight for your family and help them to succeed in all walks of life.

Father and son walking hand in hand through the woods

Sunday 2 December 2018

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances

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It’s a great thing that the world is becoming more eco-aware. With the news of just how much plastic is suffocating our oceans and how our carbon emissions are putting the world at risk (with London reaching its whole year’s quota for air toxins in under one month this year!) everyone is starting to take pride in defending our planet. 

Hands made into a hearts shape over the bark of a tree