Saturday 25 December 2021

12 Budget Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself This Christmas

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According to research, Christmas shopping in the UK started as early as October 2021. Many people look forward to this season as it is an opportunity to wrap up the year on a joyful note. You may have gotten gifts for everyone else but yourself. You may also be occupied with last minute plans and family traditions, forgetting to include yourself in your plans. However, you can pamper yourself without breaking the bank. 

Here are some easy ideas to help you treat yourself this season.

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1. Buy Yourself A Gift

Buying yourself a gift isn’t selfish. On the contrary, it’s a great way to appreciate yourself and celebrate any little milestones you may have achieved during the year. You can get something you’ve always wanted or a practical gift that will come in handy in your daily routine. You don’t necessarily have to spend too much to get a memorable gift. For instance, if you’re a fashion lover, you can get some of your favourite fashion pieces from THE ICONIC Outlet.

2. Take Time Off

If you’ve had a very busy year, taking some time off, even if it’s just a few hours or days can go a long way in relaxing you and providing just the treat you need. You can sit in a quiet place and reflect on your year. The quiet time will help put your thoughts in perspective and find things you can appreciate. You can also take a nap, no matter how brief, to refresh yourself and give you the energy you need for the season.

Another great way to enjoy your time off is by simply doing nothing; having a day with no errands or duties. Having quality time with yourself is an easy way to treat yourself without doing too much. It will help if you put your phone away during this time to minimise any distractions.

3. Make A Christmas Playlist

Compiling some of your best-loved Christmas songs can help set the season’s tone and be a great mood booster. You can enjoy this playlist on your own or with your loved ones. Having a Christmas playlist can offer you several fun activities such as singing along, dancing, relaxing on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate, your favourite blanket and your headphones, or simply listening to them while you go about your chores.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Sometimes Christmas preparations can be overwhelming. To help you feel less stressed, you can ask for help. Aside from making it easier for you to achieve your tasks, it also allows you to treat yourself by giving you a little more free time. You can find exciting ways to delegate tasks to your family and loved ones to make your workload easier. For instance, if your older kids love cooking or baking you can assign that to them while letting the younger ones set the table. You can also do your Christmas decorations and any decluttering you need to do, so you can finish quickly and focus on other tasks.

5. Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Spending quality time with your kids can be the perfect treat you need, especially if you haven’t had much time with them during the year. It helps you renew your bond and catch up on any moments you may have missed with them. You can do something exciting with them, such as staging or watching a Christmas play, making decorations, playing games together, or even trying some Christmas traditions such as making snowmen or s’mores. While you spend time with your kids, remember to also constantly check on your loved ones and stay connected.

6. Don’t Feel Bad For Saying No

Christmas preparations often involve thinking about others and making sure they’re comfortable. However, taking on too many things could make you feel stressed and give you less time for yourself. You may sometimes need to say no to make time for yourself. For instance, if someone suggests you host the Christmas festivities in your home this time around, but you may not be able to, there’s no harm in turning it down. Another way of saying no is not feeling bad if you need to strictly stick to your budget and can’t afford to get everyone a gift this time around, such as your neighbours, colleagues, etc. If you’re not able to make it for all the holiday outings on your calendar, don’t be afraid to say no.

7. Have A Warm Bath

A nice, warm bath can be a lovely treat during the cold season. If you’re not able to make time for a spa treatment or add it to your budget, a warm bath can also do the trick. You can add some extra elements to make this bath more relaxing, such as petals, salts, essential oils, etc., which will help you indulge your senses. You can also enhance the ambience by lighting a few scented candles and background music.

8. Look For Any Free Holiday Events You’ll Enjoy

If you’re thinking of any exciting activities you can enjoy outdoors without exceeding your budget, you can search online or check your local calendar for any free events. Such events include festivals, free concerts, hangouts, etc. They’re a great way to have fun without worrying too much about breaking the bank. It’ll also give you some time to do something you enjoy or what you haven’t had time to do in a very long time.

9. Try Holiday Inspired Aromatherapy

A great way to pamper your senses and boost your mood during the festive season is through holiday-inspired aromatherapy. You can create a fragrance that reminds you of the Christmas holidays by mixing ginger, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. You can also create a relaxing atmosphere by blending lavender, peppermint, and frankincense and placing them in a diffuser, so it spreads all over your home.

10. Read A Christmas Novel

Reading a Christmas novel is a great way to unwind and pamper yourself. Several options are available online, depending on your favourite genre. You can also try local bookstores near you if you prefer the traditional paperback. You can snuggle up in bed or on your couch and read a chapter a day or everything at once.

11. Learn Something New

The Christmas season can be a great time to learn a new skill or something you’ve been meaning to gain experience in for some time. You can take a short online course in a field you enjoy, learn a new recipe, how to make your decorations and any other handy DIY tips. You can also get to know other people by spending more time with them if you can, such as your extended family and friends.

12. Spoil Yourself  With A Makeover

If you have some extra money on your Christmas budget, why not consider spoiling yourself with a makeover? It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. You can consider a new hairdo such as getting a low-maintenance haircut, a pedicure, facial, etc. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can hang out with your friends at home and catch up while doing one another’s nails, drinking your favourite wine, or watching a movie.

Trying out these practical tips will help make the Christmas season more exciting, pamper yourself and have a memorable holiday. It can also help renew you physically and mentally. Remember to set a Christmas budget to guide you in your expenses throughout the festive season and help you save some money.

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