Wednesday 25 August 2021

Enjoying Summer With Jaques Of London


We love a good game. Especially something we can play together. Even better if it we can travel with it and move it around easily! Grab a game for a visit at Granny's or a bit of playtime in the park. 

So, when the amazing Jaques of London asked us to give some of their summer range a try we jumped at the chance! 

Established in 1795, Jaques of London is the oldest games company in the world and are responsible for the creation of games like Croquet, Snakes and Ladders, Tiddledy Winks and many more. So, what's in these beautifully packaged boxes?

Packaged toys in nice printed cardboard boxes, tied with ribbon

We opted to try the Velcro Target Game and the Giant Wooden Dominoes. Each item is nicely packaged and arrived completely damage free. There are nice touches with the ribbon tie, vintage style tissue paper and a card noting who's packaged your order. I love little touches like these and I always feel they make a real difference when you order from a company, as it's shows the care given in packing your order but I also feel it's like you're appreciated as a customer. 

Open box showing the nicely packaged toys

Open box showing the nicely packaged toys

We started our fun with a game of Giant Wooden Dominoes (RRP £19.99). Our son is 7, but hasn't really played Dominoes before so I gave him a quick run down of the rules and how to play. 

Giant wooden dominoes photographed on a flatlay

What makes this set so easily for little ones to play with is that they are also colour coded, so for those that can't count yet they can match the colours and work on their numbers at the same time. With this in mind I know that our son will be able to play with his younger friends without them worrying about counting. I also think these would be ideal to play with grandparents and those with arthritis, as they are easier to handle than the small dominoes.

Dominoes being played with

Next, we played with the Velcro Target Game (RRP £18.99). This was super quick to set up and we just needed to inflate the centre and find somewhere to hang it. Then the fun commenced! 

The inflatable target hanging from a wooden door

I don't know how he managed it but our 7 year old got the centre and a 100 points on his first try!! We loved playing this. We may have been a bit competitive! Ok, it was me that got competitive but we really enjoyed the target game! It also had the added bonus that it let our son practice his maths!!

Little boy throwing a ball at the target

With the Velcro Target Game being inflatable and the Giant Wooden Dominoes fitting in a neat little bag, they are easy to pack away and ace for travelling. These will definitely be making their way to the caravan or our car for our travelling adventures. Both are very well made and are bound to give you years and years of fun and play time for your family. 

What I really liked is both the Target Game and the Wooden Dominoes led us to have some family time together. Tech was put down, TV's went off and we ventured outside to have some quality time together, which is a great way to end the summer. 

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