Thursday 5 August 2021

Being Eco-Friendly With The Cheeky Panda


I could honestly lose count of how many tissues we go through on a weekly basis. Wiping runny noses, cleaning ketchup of a certain little boys face, a quick mop of spills. 

We always have a couple of boxes of tissues around the house ready for action. For a while now we've been trying to be more sustainable. So, we've opted for reusable cloths for spills and washing sticky hands and faces properly at the sink, instead of using wipes. 

But we still need an option for runny noses and old style handkerchiefs aren't really practical for us as we'd go through dozens. 

So, when The Cheeky Panda offered the chance to review their eco-friendly tissues, we of course said yes!

Three boxes of tissues placed around a heart shaped piece of tissue

Recently launched in Waitrose and available directly from their own website, The Cheeky Panda offer a selection of tissue products. 

The tissues we tried are plastic free and 100% bamboo. They are super soft and hypoallergenic making them perfect for sensitive noses and skin. I personally love the smell of them too! 

Two boxes of tissues, one open

They've seen good use over hay fever season and they are such good quality you only need to use one at a time. No need to double up on snotty days like some brands! They definitely get a thumbs up from us!

The Cheeky Panda also offer kitchen and toilet rolls, baby and facial wipes, as well as the tissues we tried, which come in either a cube or a flat box. 

For more info on the range take a look at their website here. I'll also be running a giveaway for 8 boxes of the tissues we tried very soon!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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