Thursday 7 December 2017

Movie of the week!

This week's movie of the week is another festive one! It features the North Pole and a well known man in red.

I hadn't seen this movie until a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with our now 3 year old. Suffering with nausea, I lay on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself trying to get in the festive mood and I've watched it every Christmas since!

This week's movie of the week is The Santa Clause.

The Santa Clause DVD cover

Staring Tim Allen, The Santa Clause tells the story of Scott Calvin. Having accidentally killed Santa, Scott follows the instructions on the card that he finds with the famous red suit. 

'If something should happen to me, put on my suit. The reindeer will know what to do'. 

A man dressed in a Santa in a sleigh with his son

Initially thinking he only has to finish the gift delivering for one Christmas Eve, he soon finds that's not the case when he reaches the North Pole with his son Charlie. It seems Scott has missed the small print and the 'clause' on the card. He's now the new Santa Claus!

He has less than a year to get his affairs in order before returning to the North Pole, but things don't go smoothly. Scott's ex-wife is not impressed by his behaviour and things become more and more complicated as Scott begins to take on a more Santa like appearance.

A man with a Santa like appearance

Though a little dated now (it was made in 1994) The Santa Clause offers festive family entertainment at its best. With jokes for grown-ups and kids it will keep you laughing alone throughout.

As you can see Joseph is somewhat transfixed by it! 

A little boy transfixed by the tv

The Santa Clause is currently available from Amazon here. Add it to your collection for some festive cheer! 


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