Friday 15 December 2017

Movie of the week - What is it?

Regular readers will know all about my weekly movie posts where I share our current favourite and most watched movies. 

Some of them are very new movies but they are mostly old and random choices! Because of this I get odd messages on social media asking 'why the random movies?' and 'why are these so out of date?'. 

So, I thought I'd do a little post about what caused the start of movie of the week and why it's so random!

Well, its so random, because lets be honest, children are random!

A child with a large box on it's head.

They see a dvd on the shelf and they NEED to watch it. 

They NEED to watch it every day for a week. 

Sometimes they NEED to watch it twice a day. 

Then for no apparent reason they change their minds and they can't possibly watch it ever again. 

They'll watch Easter films at Christmas and Christmas films in the summer.

They'll watch old Disney classics when you want to take them to see the latest Pixar.

Children are random.

A child sitting in a box watching television
(I watch my movies from a box)

Our 3 year old, Joseph, loves a good movie and just like I've mentioned above he picks some classics and some very random ones! 

Apart from this week. 

This week Joseph doesn't want to partake in movie of the week, and that's because he's bloody obsessed with Paw Patrol again.

I guess that's the reason I started the movie of the week posts. To share the randomness of children. 

Apart from this week. 

This week Paw Patrol are on a roll.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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