Wednesday 27 April 2016

Cheap Chirp Can Bird Feeder

My latest craft post is the last of our bird feeders. It uses a lot of the same products so if you've done the others you won't need to buy many more materials and if you haven't done the others it is still a cheap craft!

You will need
  • A clean and empty can
  • Finger paints (I got mine on special offer @ B&M for £2.00 but they are currently £2.99)
  • Peanut butter (if you haven't got any from last time it is currently 62p @ Asda, Tesco and Morrisons)
  • Bird seed (69p @ Poundstretcher)
  • A bowl or pot for the paint (I used a paper bowl)
  • A bowl or plate for the bird seed
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Spoon or spatula
  • Bowl of soapy water 
  • Kitchen roll
As with all my crafts don't buy anything you won't use again! If you haven't got paints, use felt tips or maybe the kids have some stickers lying around that you'd like to be used for something other than decorating the house!

The listed equipment and ingredients

I don't have one of those plastic paint holders so I normally use a paper plate or bowl. We have people round a couple of times a year and always end up with a some left. They are really handy for crafts and keep things simple for a quick clean up. 

Paper bowl with paint in

Put your paints into your chosen holder and use them to decorate the can.

Toddler in a highchair with the can and paint, waiting to start

Leave to dry, preferably overnight. Use the bowl of soapy water to clean up your little artist!

Toddler finger painting the can

Toddler finger painting the can

Painted can

Cut a piece of string long enough to tie around the can and to use for hanging. Tie around the centre of the can.

The painted can with string tied around it's centre

Using the spatula or spoon fill the can with the peanut butter. I put most of mine around the opening of the can. 

The opening of the can covered in peanut butter, inside and out

Fill the bowl or plate with the bird seed and rub the can around in it, collecting up as much bird seed as you can. 

Bowl containing bird seed

Can in the bowl being covered in seed

The can covered in birdseed and peanut butter

Pour any remaining bird seed into the centre of the can. 

The can covered in bird seed and peanut butter, with seed also inside the can

And that's it you're done. Tie to a tree or post away from predators.

Bird feeder hanging from the tree

Bird feeder hanging from the tree

Happy crafting!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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