Sunday 14 February 2016

Live Lagom - Living Sustainably - I Recycle, What More Can I Do??

If someone had said to me a couple of years ago "what do you think about living sustainably?", I'd have honestly have said it was a crock of poop! I recycle, what more can I do?

Different coloured wheelie bins lined up against a wall

Then I had my baby, Joseph. With all the things that come with a baby I suddenly found myself more aware of waste and what I was throwing away. This especially included the glass baby food jars that my well fed baby was getting through very quickly. I looked online for ideas and decided to start making candles but after that I still wasn't sure what more I could do. I recycle. I turn lights off. I wash at 30.

Then a few months back I received an email from the Ikea Family peeps asking if I was interested in living sustainably, saving money and best of all being given, yes, GIVEN, £500 to spend in store. Sign me up please!! So, I filled out the form and didn't expect to hear anything and then I got an email. Out of thousands of applicants I (and a few others) had been picked. WHAT???!!!! I read the email three times before I told my husband and then I had to read it to him three times before he believed me!

A month or so on and we are having a tour round the shop pre-opening and one of the great IKEA breakfasts! 

An ikea breakfast, sausage, egg, tomato, hash browns, bacon and beans

On explaining the project the staff tell us it's all linked to a simple philosophy, 'Live Lagom'.

Lagom means adequate, sufficient, just right.

From that moment our journey starts. We get a list of products to choose from and meet our leader, Kerry.  We have a home visit and get advice on what to pick. The next step is to make our New Years Resolution.

What changes do we want to make? What do you want to achieve?

Well, we want to save energy. Not just for the money side of things but to stop our house being as drafty as an old wooden barn.  We need curtains and a thicker rug. We need to warm up leftovers and not throw them away or cook another whole meal from scratch.

Our path is paved with insulation, bulb changes and food storage.

It's like Christmas when we bring our things home. Hopefully we are on our way to living a bit lagom, living just right.

A man, woman and a child in a pushchair with a trolley full of ikea products

Selection of small Ikea products (sweets, biscuits, jams etc) in a blue Ikea bag

Large clothes airer, full of clothes

A table full of ikea products

Mummy Snowy Owl

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