Thursday 7 June 2012


So, today was the first day back at work for many of us following of the Jubilee bank holiday weekend and what a weekend of British celebrations it has been!! Street parties, river pageants, concerts led by the great Gary Barlow, bunting, Pimms, roast dinners and barbeques!!! You can’t get much better!!

I know some people aren’t of the same opinion as me but I personally love the Queen, and the rest of the royals for that matter. Queen at 26 and 60 years later, and at 86 still working the equivalent of probably two full time jobs you can’t help but admire her. A fast changing world, scandals and losses can not shake her. I’m proud to say I will be there waving my flag in Market Square when she visits Nottingham next week. Just to see her, even from a distance, would be incredible and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. And, for those of you that say you’re not a fan and dislike her, I presume you didn’t watch any of the television coverage, including the concert and went to work on Tuesday? Thought not! So suck it up, you love her too!

A cat watching the television

Even my cat appeared to like the concert, although being a typical male, he showed an interest when Kylie came on!!
So, what’s been happening on my side of things? Well, this and that really!! The biggest thing is probably that one of my friends dragged me to a medium. I say dragged, she did ask me a while ago and as ever I was undecided. Catching me off guard while I was in the middle of cleaning, I found myself suddenly agreeing and within an hour and a half we were on the motorway on the way there!! It was a real eye opener. Telling me about the past, present and future, at times I was moved to tears. I know this again, is something that some people may choose to not believe in, which I completely understand but I would suggest giving it a go. This was my second time seeing a medium and the reason I was so reluctant was because the first time hadn’t been such a good experience. I hadn’t been married a year and she told me my marriage wouldn’t last!! Not what you want to hear in your first year of marriage, which can be, I believe and have been told, one of the hardest. This time, however, was completely different and very accurate. When I got home and spoke to family members I discovered she was even more accurate than I actually realised at the time. I won’t go into great detail but one of the things she picked up on was of course our baby issues. She said how long we’d been trying, that I had recently and suddenly changed my feelings on it all and had practically given up and she was completely right.  After another unhappy experience last month, that is just how I felt.  The last five years have taken it out of me and I felt like I'd had enough and was quite ready to wave the white flag, while whimpering I surrender, I surrender. Her reassurance and guidance in this matter has given me hope and encouragement to not give up. Under her advice I’ve also looked for some more herbal remedies to help with the endometriosis and my fertility. So, I’ve made another trip to Holland and Barrett for some more vitamins, and after last month’s visit from Mother Nature, will be popping to M&S for some more undies!! I’ve bought so many vitamins the chances are I’ll rattle!! So far I remembering to take the extra vitamins but they don't taste that great and have to stop myself having a biscuit to take the taste a way!! I'm 29 not 4 after all!!

Current favourite quote...................

 Big girls need big diamonds!
Elizabeth Taylor

Until next time, lots of love

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