Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card

There's no hiding from it! Christmas is on its way!!!

Have you thought about making Christmas cards? Maybe you're on a budget, you're short of time or just not that crafty!! Well, this craft is definitely for you!!!!

To make our Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card you will need

  • Cards and envelopes - £1 @ Poundland
  • Black pen or felt tip
  • Paints - Mine were from B&M a while ago but you can get a similar set for £2.50 @ Wilko
  • Paper plate or paint palette 
  • Wet wipes or a damp cloth to wipe paint covered fingers
Craft supplies, paper plate, paints, cards and a black pen

*If your little artist is a messy painter make sure to protect your surfaces and them!

Start by drawing a curved line over the cards. Along the line draw small squares or triangles. Ensure there is some space between each.

Folded cream card with a black curved line drawn on it

Next, squeeze a small amount of paint onto the plate or palette. 

A paper plate with small dots of paint on it and a childs hand dipping its finger in it

Dip your little ones finger into the paint and place onto the card where you've drawn the squares or triangles.

A folder card with a black curved line and finger paintings

Alternate colours as you go, ensuring to wipe your little artists finger in-between colours.

A folder card with a black curved line and finger paintings

Leave to dry. 

A finger painted christmas card among ribbon, christmas lights etc

That's it you're done. How easy was that!

Happy crafting!

Mummy Snowy Owl
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