Sunday, 16 September 2018

September Giveaway!

Many of you will know that I love a good bit of crafting! I'm always conscious though that crafting can be expensive, so I try my best to keep any crafts that I share on my blog as low budget as possible. Luckily, that's something I have experience of from being a Snowy Owl! 

Crafting with little ones is a great way for them (and you) to practice your creative skills. It can also help fill the time on those long parenting days!

This month's giveaway is to help you all get a bit crafty with the kids, as I'm giving away a Giant Box Of Craft from Hobbycraft! 

I little boy holding a box of craft supplies looking shocked

Friday, 14 September 2018

Dream Home Wishlist - Orangery

Collaborative Post

I need to confess something. I have a habit of searching Rightmove and looking at properties I can’t afford. I consider what furniture I’d have and where I’d put it. I pick which bedroom our son will have and check if there’s space for a hot tub. I even check the school catchment areas.

Yes, I realise I may have a problem!

Since going self-employed my secret habit has worsened and spread over into what I watch on TV. I’ve found myself having the TV on in the background and more often than not a property programme is on the screen! Homes Under The Hammer, My Dream Home, reruns of Location, Location, Location are regulars in my viewing!

Now and again I also buy a home and interiors magazine to have a flip through, and again look at things I can’t afford.

Inside of an orangery with a table and benches sat in the centre

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Painting With Leaves!

Inspired by our recent Mud and Bloom box we've recently tried painting with leaves! This is another craft that is ideal for autumn, especially with the leaves falling!

Here's our little creation!

Completed painting

Monday, 10 September 2018

Autumn Tealight Holders

Leaf tealight holders seem to have been on Pinterest since it began!! 

I've tried to make them once before with real leaves and it was a disaster! They wouldn't stick and/or fell apart. It was one big sticky mess!

So, when I spotted a pack of fake leaves at The Works I thought I'd give them another go! Here's the results!

Completed tea light charges

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Autumn Wreath

I've already mentioned my love of autumn in my last post but in case you missed it I'll tell you again! I LOVE AUTUMN!

The cooler months, the falling leaves, the downward slide into Christmas, I love it!

So many of you loved my Flower Wreath that I thought I'd create another with a touch of autumn! So, here it is!

Completed autumn wreath

Thursday, 6 September 2018

My Favourite Spooky Movies For Halloween

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The kids are back at school, the weather is cooling and we start to look towards autumn. For me, autumn is one of my favourite seasons, with the other being winter, because, well Christmas!

I love autumn because not only does it bring my birthday and Halloween, it also means its socially acceptable to be inside, snuggled under a blanket, eating yummy treats and watching the TV!

Whether you're the type of person that streams their viewing on a tablet, sticks to Freeview and a standard TV or pays for a subscription service and watches on something fancy, maybe a 4K HDR TV by Panasonic or the like, there's plenty to watch on the run up to Halloween.

Carved pumpkins sitting on a wooden table outside