Monday 22 June 2020

How To Live A More Energy Efficient Life

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We all look for ways to be more energy efficient and save money in our daily lives, which can include making changes to how we use and buy things. But, it’s also worth taking a closer look at how we get the energy that we’re using in the first place. Many of us are already aware of the reasons that we should be reducing our energy use in our lives, but what are the steps we can take towards actually getting it done?

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Change how your home gets energy
A great way of trying to being more efficient is changing how your home gets it's energy. Thankfully, the technology that allows us to rely more (or even entirely) on renewable energy is consistently becoming more and more affordable. Providers like WDS Green Energy can install geothermal heat pumps that can use the constant temperature within the earth to heat both the home and the water and can even power cooling appliances. For those in particularly sunny areas of the world, solar panels to  are another great way to supplement your energy use, or even entirely replace it. Furthermore, if you are able to collect enough energy through your solar panels, you can sell the energy back to the grid, which is known as net metering.

Change how you fuel your car
Aside from the home, the one asset in our life that uses the most fossil fuels is undoubtedly going to be the vehicle that we drive. For decades, now, car manufacturers have been pushing towards hybrid vehicles that use both electric and the usual fuel power, as well as fully electric vehicles such as the Audi e-tron that uses only battery power to keep going. This technology is becoming both more affordable and more practical, losing less of the convenience associated with traditional vehicles. It’s important to look at whether you have any recharging stations available nearby, however, especially if you have to worry about your morning commute. To many, however, electric cars are now convenient enough to fully replace their gas-guzzling counterparts.

Change how you use your energy
As much as you can reduce your energy or where you get it from, there's still a need to actually use it and realistically many of us can't go without it completely. So, it's important to look at the little ways to make your home more energy-efficient too. This can include turning off lights when you leave a room and making sure you’re not leaving any appliances plugged in and turned on, even in standby mode which still consumes power. When the time comes to change energy appliances change to ones that have high energy efficiency ratings, look at replacing your lightbulbs with LED replacements, and try to consume products ethically, purchasing goods that are manufactured with recycled materials, or can be otherwise reused or recycled.

Depending on your budget and costs, it’s not always easy to cut your reliance on energy and fossil fuels by any means. For many of us, it’s impossible to live a modern life without it playing some role. 

Hopefully, though these tips can help you live a more energy efficient life and help you save a little money in the long run too!!

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