Wednesday 28 March 2018

Our Easter Buys!

If you've been into any high street shops recently you'll see that they've really upped their game when it comes to Easter. More chocolate treats, more food and more decorations!

Prices vary dependent on where you shop but there are great things to be found! Normally I'm all about the homemade and handmade, like the Easter Wreath and Bunting that we made last Easter but this year I have treated us a little and picked up a few things. Probably too many! 

I thought I'd share with you what we've picked up and what we have planned for the long weekend!

First, decorations!! These are what really sucked me in when out shopping and made me go a little Easter crazy! 

Easter wreath, bunny tablecloth, and a wooden bunny sign

The wreath and the tablecloth are the two most expensive of my Easter buys but possibly my faves! They are both from Homesense, with the wreath priced at £9.99 and the tablecloth at £14.99. I'm actually going to use the wreath as a centerpiece and have added a toy bunny into the mix! 

Pale pink tablecloth with gold bunnies printed on it, with candlesticks either side of an easter wreath with pastel coloured eggs

Pale pink tablecloth with gold bunnies printed on it, with an easter wreath with pastel coloured eggs

I also picked up two of these Easter bunnies, which is similar to a Santa stop here sign. Due to Mummy brain I can't remember if they were 99p or £1.99, but either way they are excellent quality and sit perfectly on either side of our door. 

Wooden easter bunny sign in a plant pot

I've also picked up this super cute bunny bunting for £1.00 from Poundland. The cake cases set was £1.29 from Home Bargains and I prefer these to the others I've seen as they have cute toppers with them! The hanging egg decorations were also Home Bargains and a similar price. 

Bunny bunting, hanging egg decorations, cupcake cases with toppers

They look great in the garden. I just hope the weather stays nice so we get to actually see them! 

Hanging egg decorations hanging from a tree

I picked up these large vases/candle holders from Sostrene Green at Christmas and filled them full of baubles then. Now they are full of decorative eggs from Poundland and are accompanied by our little chick! 

Large easter jars, filled with eggs with a yellow chick sitting between them

Next, I'm going to share the bits I picked up for our Easter egg hunt. The eggs, which I'm going to fill with sweets, and the signs are from Home Bargains and were around the £1.00 mark.

Easter egg hunt signs and two boxes of plastic eggs

The goodies are all Lidl and Poundland and again were all around the £1.00. 

Jelly Baby Chicks, chocolate eggs, haribos, marshmallows, chocolate lollies

I also got these cute Easter plates from Poundland! Some are last years left over and some are this years! 

Easter bunny paper plates and cups with carrot napkins

All of these great little buys are really going to brighten our Easter and I'm hoping will bring some excitement to our three year old and our friends children, who will join us on Good Friday for an Easter hunt. 

I hope you've enjoyed a sneak peek at our Easter, and also hope that with some of our cheaper buys have shown you can also make some Easter plans if you're on a budget.

Whatever you do this Easter, have a wonderful weekend.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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