Saturday 31 March 2018

Eggcellent Easter Cake!!

So, you have your Easter all planned out. Perhaps you've planned to have friends or family round and you want an eye catching bake!

Well, how about this easy and quick Eggcellent Easter Cake!

A cake covered in frosting, mini chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies

Fancy giving it a go?

You will need -
  • Sponge packet mix - 22p @ Asda
  • 1 egg - 89p for half a dozen @ Asda
  • Water
  • Jug
  • Mixing bowl
  • Baking tins
  • Greaseproof paper 
  • A small bit of butter for greasing
  • Jam - 28p @ Asda
  • Vanilla frosting - £1.75 @ Asda
  • Malteaser bunnies - £1.00 @ Asda
  • Chocolate mini eggs - Large £1.00 @ Poundland, micro eggs 60p @ Asda 
A picture showing ingredients and equipment to make a cake

Start by making the packet mix as per the instructions. For this one I had to add the water and egg. Mix well until smooth.

Cake mixture in a bowl with a whisk

Lightly grease the tins and line the bottoms with greaseproof paper. 

Pair of sandwich tins, lined and greased

Pour the mixture into the tins, separating it evenly between the two.

Cake mixture in the tins

Place in the oven and bake until golden brown. Ours took around 20 minutes.

Pair of baked sponges on a wire tray

Leave to cool. Next, evenly spread a layer of jam on to the sponges and sandwich together. 

A layer of sponge cake covered in jam

Cover in the vanilla frosting.

Sponge cake being covered in vanilla frosting

Cake covered in frosting

Decorate with the bunnies and chocolate eggs. Little helpers may want to join in but expect a few chocolate eggs to be stolen! 

A cake covered in frosting being decorated by a child

When you've finished decorating you are done! Sit back and enjoy a slice of your Easter bake! 

A cake covered in frosting, chocolate eggs and bunnies

A cake covered in frosting, mini eggs and chocolate bunnies

A cake covered in frosting, mini eggs and chocolate bunnies

A cake covered in frosting, mini eggs and chocolate bunnies

Mummy Snowy Owl

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