Monday 7 August 2017

10 Things That Make Me Happy!

It feels like ages since I've blogged and although I've got lots of ideas and things to say, I've pondered about which to share with you first. So, I thought I'd go with 10 Things That Make Me Happy following the tag by the lovely Laura of  Wafflemama fame!

Laura tagged me in her post a while ago and I thought it would be perfect to get restarted! 

So here we go.....

1. Joseph
Some days maybe hard but this kid was worth the 6 year wait. He is funny and lovable. I love him more than I ever thought possible.

Little boy dressed as a dinosaur

2. My husband
He drives me mad with his forgetfulness and pants on the floor BUT he is hardworking, kind, loving, a fantastic Daddy and my best friend.

3. Bruce
He's never lifted a paw to Joseph, even when chased with a foam sword. Since he's become a big brother he doesn't let any other cat, dog or fox, come close to our garden and use to sit at Joseph's side guarding him as a baby.

Baby lying on his mother's legs with a cat lying nearby

4. Junk food
Not the best of things to love or to make you happy but I love a good take away. A good pizza, a delicious tikka masala or a chinese, I have a soft spot for them all. Oh, and chips, don't forget about chips! 

5. Disney
From the first film I ever saw I have loved Disney. Its never mattered to me when people have said its childish or not cool. I love the movies, the characters, the merchandise, the parks and the warm feeling inside that it gives you. Joseph's first meeting with Mickey will be a memory I will cherish for ever. 

A little boy sitting with Mickey Mouse

6. My nieces
I mentioned them in one of my very early posts and although they've all grown up so much since then I still love them to bits. They are all so different but so bloody awesome in their own right! 

7. Date Night
I think we've had two date nights since having our now three year old. That's if you don't count the few child free trips to Ikea! We have very much enjoyed those dates though. We laughed a lot and of course spend most the time talking about our little boy! 

Woman with her husband kissing her head

8. Sewing
A couple of years ago I couldn't even thread a machine properly but as part of the LiveLagom Ikea project I became the proud owner of a sewing machine! I've made Christmas stockings, makeup bags, altered curtains, created World Book Day costumes and fixed one of the grownup nieces coats! My hand sewing is still shocking though!

9. Crafting
My blog started off as an outlet for our fertility battles and as it has grown I've shared lots of different things but crafting is one of my favourites. Being a Snowy Owl means a lot of what we with our Brownies is on a budget and I've tried to keep that as a running theme in the crafts I've shared. I love researching and coming up with new ideas for people to try.

10. Blogging
Since being a little girl I've always wanted to be a writer but never really had the balls to submit work or contact agents. Blogging is a great outlet for creativity and it's a very warm and welcoming community. The likes of Hayley at Sparkles and Stretchmarks and Vicki at Honest Mum have been a great source of knowledge and support! 

What makes you happy? Tell me in the comments box!

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  1. Good happy list! I agree with Family, Disney and Blogging! #DreamTeam

  2. I loved this - so good to focus on the positives
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)

  3. A lovely list. My children and husband are at the top of mine too :)

  4. I was sure I'd commented but must not have, sorry lovely!! I love your list, we sound so similar :) xx #friyaylinky

  5. Love your happy list. My kids make me happiest (even when they're fighting and doing my head in), closely followed by my husband, writing, sewing and eating. Life is good with any of those involved! #brilliantblogposts