Wednesday 23 August 2017

Choo choo - Our trip to Thomas Land!

Earlier in the year when our thoughts turned to Joseph's 3rd birthday we knew early on what we wanted to do for his birthday. He would have the usual family party but on his actual birthday we wanted to do something, just the three of us, and go somewhere we hadn't been before.

We wanted to go to.....................THOMAS LAND!!!

Thomas Land entrance

As the trip would be Joseph's gift from us and as he'd been such a good boy and knocked potty training out the park, we decided to stay onsite at the Drayton Manor Hotel. We even went one step further and booked a very special Thomas room!

On arrival we were greeted by a very friendly Receptionist who checked us in and gave Joseph a special Thomas The Tank Engine goody bag. The bag itself could be coloured in and they was an array of gifts inside, including a game, crayons, toothbrush and stuffed toy.

Exterior of Drayton Manor Hotel

Little boy watching a miniature Thomas themed carousel

Little boy looking in a goody bag

As we made our way up to the room we were met by different characters from Thomas.

Little boy sitting in a ride on Thomas

Little boy standing next to a train wall feature

 As we walked down the corridor the carpet let us know we were on the right track!

Pair of feet on train track themed carpet

The room was well themed with a Thomas at the head of the children's bunk beds, train carpet and a Thomas blanket on each bed. 

Thomas wall feature

Little boy sitting on a trunki next to Thomas wall feature

Bunk beds with a Thomas blanket

There's also a TV and DVD player in each bunk, with DVDs available from Reception. To the side of the beds is another TV for use with a games console along with a stool, set in a ticket office theme.

TV set in the wall with a ticket office theme

Over on the grown ups side there's another TV and a comfortable bed. The room was spotless as was the bathroom.

Double bed

We slept well, apart from the birthday boy starting off in bed with us! After a good breakfast we made our way into the park, which was a very short walk from the hotel.

As we entered the park we were again greeted by friendly and welcoming staff. Our visit to the park was just a few days after the devastating attacks in Manchester so there was an armed police presence at the entrance to the park and searches in place. As a family, and as individuals, Daddy and I had no problem with this. It is nothing different to what you would see visiting any of the Disney Parks or an airport and, just like there, it is for your safety. Sadly, some people didn't see the necessity of it and it was disappointing to hear them complaining.

Joseph was obviously oblivious to any of this and was excited to start his adventure in the park. The day was basked in sunshine and he was soon out of his pushchair and getting on rides before we'd even entered Thomas Land! The Flying Dutchman, Jolly Buccaneer and The Carousel were all ticked off in the first 20 minutes! 

Flying pirate ship ride

Mummy and son sitting on a horse on a carousel

Once in Thomas Land Joseph was in his element! 

Thomas Land entrance

Fat Controller statue

He loved every moment of it! We went on every ride, apart from Cranky's Tower Drop which he was a touch too small for. 

Flynn's Fire Rescue was probably Joseph and Daddy's favourite, although Joseph preferred driving as he's wasn't a fan of the water spray! 

Daddy and son on fire engine ride

Little boy sitting in a fire engine on a ride

Daddy and son on a fire engine ride

My favourite was the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster. Joseph loves a good roller coaster and unlike a lot of the other rides he nearly always asks Mummy to go on them. He squeals with delight as they speed round and we giggle away!

It was lovely to see him having fun with the characters he knows and loves. His little personality really shone through.

Little boy standing in front of James the tank engine

In fact, Joseph had so much fun that he didn't even want to stop for lunch! He just wanted to keep going. We only just managed to get him to have a few snacks on the train between Thomas Land and the zoo, and then he was off again!

Little boy sitting in a train carriage

Now, as with all my days out posts I'm going to share my top tips and things that are good to know! First, and probably the most important, is that the Thomas Land area has very little in the terms of shade. So if you're lucky enough to go on a sunny day make sure you have plenty of sun protection and drinks to stay hydrated. It's also very hot when you queue for Winston's Whistle-Stop Tour. You will sweat a lot! Also, good to know is that a selection of the rides are one adult rider only, so if there's a couple of adults in your group prepare your little one to avoid disappointment! Joseph was a little disappointed that we couldn't all go on James and The Red Balloon and so was I after queuing in the heat! If you need a break from the rides or heat the Engine Tour gives you a ride over to the zoo and a chance to rest your feet!
Pink train waiting in the station

Overall, we really enjoyed Thomas Land! Joseph was extremely well behaved and there was no toddler meltdowns! We were also less than a fortnight into potty training and he didn't have any accidents! 

Most importantly though we had lots of fun and memories were definitely made.

Mummy and son sitting in a train ride

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