Sunday 11 June 2017

A Canvas For Daddy

My husband, Joseph's Daddy, loves our little ginger hurricane and proudly shows photographs to family, friends and work colleagues. He also displays Joseph very sulky nursery photo on his toolbox at work for all to see! So I wanted to make him something this Father's Day that he can place next to that sulky picture and be equally proud of. 

I remembered that he really liked a craft we did on the run up to Christmas and casually commented that 'he wouldn't mind one'. So we decided to do it again but tried a different, more effective, technique so I was keen to share it with you on the run up to Father's Day. 

A completed canvas surrounded by children's plastic toy tools, nuts and bolts

Fancy trying it?

You will need
  • A canvas - £1.00 @ Wilko
  • Paints - I use Baker Ross acrylics but a simple kid's palette will do, £2.00 @ Wilko
  • Pots for paints if not using a palette
  • Paint brush
  • Pot of water for brush rinsing 
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape - 50p @ Wilko
List of equipment needed

Remember to protect your table/painting area!!

First, start by cutting the tape for your lettering. Consider what words you are using and what size they will need to be to fit them all onto the canvas. As our canvas was for Daddy to take to work we went with 'Daddy's Tools'.

Canvas with lettering in masking tape

A canvas with masking tape lettering

Once your happy with your lettering start painting!

Canvas being painted by a child

Don't worry if they stray over onto the tape, as you're using masking tape it won't soak through! 

A canvas being painted by a child

Canvas being painted by a child

Leave to dry.

Painted canvas, paint is also over the lettering tape

Next, peel off the tape. 

Tape being removed and showing white behind it

Once removed you should be able to see your wording, which will have been left white. 

Lettering removed to read Daddy's tools

Completed canvas there are words where the tape has been removed

That's it you're done! Wrap and gift to Daddy or the father figure in your little ones life.

Painted canvas that reads daddy's tools


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  1. What a lovely idea and such a personal gift! I'm sure Joseph's daddy is going to love it! #DreamTeam

  2. Ahh this is such a lovely idea!! I bought some mini canvases for the kids a while ago but theyve not used them yet, might have to dig them out for fathers day! #brillblogposts x

  3. Wow, if the canvases only cost a quid at Wilko then I am going to do this with my kids at the weekend! This is so cool, yes simple. #VrilliantBlogPosts

  4. That's cute! Great idea for the little ones that aren't so careful with their hands yet. Thanks for linking with the #DreamTeam.

  5. This is brilliant! before I clicked into the post, I actually thought that was a canvas you'd bought!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)

  6. Lovely artwork! Paint resist art is so much fun and it looks great! #brillblogposts