Monday 8 August 2016

Jojoba Oil


Bottle of essential oil

A lot of things go a bit south when you've had a baby and that can include your skin, hair and nails. Post-pregnancy I had thick glossy locks but they've slowly disappeared, Mostly down the plug hole.  My skin isn't much better. Glowing and then dull and lifeless unless I'm having a hot flush. My nails? Well they just about grow but they break and bend with ease.

Having confirmed with my GP and hairdresser that the hair loss was more stress related than colour damage or an allergic reaction, I set about trying to find something to help my hair, nails and skin. As part of us living a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle, I looked for something more natural and came across Eden's Semilla's Jojoba Oil. I bought it via Amazon, where it retails at £14.94 for 60ml (£10.95 for the bottle and £3.99 delivery). 

Bottle of essential oil

I decided to use the oil in a couple of different ways. First I used it on my dry skin spots. The usual elbows, knees and feet. Then I used it on my nails and hair. I was happily surprised by the results! 

On days when conditioner just wasn't enough for my dry, damaged and knotted hair I'd smooth a few drops over the ends before drying. The result was shiny, glossy hair that looked a fraction of its formerly damaged self. The same goes for dry skin. A couple of drops and the problem is pretty much solved. Use it a few times in a row and the problem disappears, along with your dry skin. My nails, well, they are stronger with just a few drops and they don't bend and snap easily anymore!

Before and after feet picture

(Left heel with oil, right without)

As mum's we don't all have the time for hair masks, pedicures and the like but Eden's Seillma's Jojoba Oil can do all of those jobs with a just a few drops. It gives a quick but effective, lasting fix.

A must try in my eyes!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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