Thursday 28 July 2016


The latest item for review is the Turtlemeter!

Baby bath thermometer that looks like a turtle!

Turtlemeter in it's packaging.  

    Reverse of the Turtlemeter packaging        

Turtlemeter being put into the bath

The floating turtle toy doubles as a bath thermometer and works instantly when placed in water. Glowing blue for too cold, green for just right and red for too hot, it is perfect when preparing a bath for your little ones.

During the hot weather I decided I needed another thermometer for our home as the existing one is a both a room and bath thermometer and I found myself going backwards and forwards with it when trying to prepare our toddler for bed. It is also not the fastest at reading the temperature and you can be waiting a couple of minutes to know the bath is the ready and most importantly, safe.

With the Turtlemeter you don't have to worry about that at all as it reads the water so quickly. It also doesn't need a lot of water to grab a reading so it can also be used in the sink if you're filling the bowl for a wash. Our other one would bob around not really knowing what to do!

I also think the light changing feature is great, especially if you have grandparents and others that help with your little one. I know my Mum often has to double check what the right temperature is and worries she won't get it right but there's no need to worry with the Turtlemeter!

The cute turtle design helps it double as a bath toy and our toddler is a huge fan of our new bath friend!

I 100% recommend the Turtlemeter for a worry free bath-time!

Here's a quick demo video!

For the current price look click here.
(Item no longer available from Amazon as of 4th April 2018)


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