Thursday 14 July 2016

Charity Spotlight - Smalls For All

As part of my promise to blog more I'm going to do one a month about a charity I'm supporting and shining the spotlight on.

This month its...........................Small for All!!!

Smalls for All logo

I came across the charity after a friend posted a link on Facebook last year and it was followed by a surge of people doing the same, with the charities campaign quickly going viral.

So, what do they do? Well, it's a bit different to other charities! They collect underwear!

Their founder Maria Macnamara set up the charity in 2010 following a series of volunteer trips at orphanages in Africa. Wanting to do something that would make a difference and have a lasting affect on those involved, Maria remember a conversation she'd had with a priest whilst in Zimbabwe. The priest explained that in many poor communities women may only have one pair of tattered pants and often none at all. Not only does this cause health and hygiene problems but underwear is also something of a status symbol. Those who can actually afford underwear usual have a male relative, husband, father or brother in their lives and because of this are seen as less vulnerable. The information set as a seed in Maria's mind and Smalls for All grew into the charity it is today.

Pile of bras in a drawer

As with most charities you can donate money but you can also donate underwear. Pants must be new and between size 8-16 for ladies and 3-15 for children. They also accept new bras of any size, as well as lightly worn bras. They are then passed to those that need them. So next time your in Primark why not chuck a packet of pants or a bra in your basket? They can cost as little as £2 and you could be changing a young girl's life.

What have I done to support them? Well, like many women post baby none of my old bras fit and nor will they EVER AGAIN!!!! My newer ones actually resemble scaffolding! So after them knocking around in a couple of carrier bags for the last 2 years I've packed them up and sent them off. I paid £11 for the postage but it's little to pay when you can change so many lives! Where would they go otherwise? Charity shops won't take them so they'd probably end up in your bin and then the landfill!  
So, have a clear out and pack them up. Do it for the girls. Do it for the environment. Let's say pants to poverty!

For more info visit their website here.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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