Sunday 22 May 2016

Making Toad Hall

Spring has sprung and along with the flowers come the animals. Furry, slimy and feathered, you can spot them all at this time of year.

Why not welcome them into your garden by building them a home. This week we've built a toad house, aptly named Toad Hall!

If you want to make one too here's what you'll need. You shouldn't need to buy anything. We found all our bits lying round the garden.

You will need
  • Plant put
  • Watering can or jug
  • Hand trowel / spade
  • A few weeds
  • Stones 
  • Twigs or small pieces of wood
The equipment needed

Pick an area of the garden for your toad house. It will need to be dark and damp but not too cold. Using the watering can wet the soil thoroughly.

A watering can being used to wet the soil

Using the stones and twigs create a slightly raised space. Place the weeds in the middle to give a softer area.

Stones, grass and pieces of wood laid out

Turn the plant pot upside down and ensure its secure. Ours is wedged between the decking and fencing but if yours can be moved weigh it down with some stones on top or around the edge. There you have your own Toad Hall. Vacancy sign optional!

Plant pot upside down on top of the stones

Upside down plant pot on top of the stones with toad hall written on it

Happy crafting

Mummy Snowy Owl

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