Tuesday 29 March 2016

Live Lagom - Living Sustainably - Part 2

We are now well into our Live LAGOM journey. If you didn't read my earlier post 'living lagom' is about living just right. Not too much, just enough.

Card that reads 'Lagom, not too little, not too much, just right', set against a cake plate and flower

We now have all our chosen items. Bulbs, rugs, curtains, pans, batteries and a giant airer are scattered and in place around the house. We've redecorated the front room and if true Lagom fashion have used the paint from a selection we already had. For the first time since we've lived here we have curtains in our living room and have accompanied them with a thicker rug. As a result our house is warmer, less drafty and more welcoming. For the first time since moving here six years ago it finally feels like home.

We've also added a rug to our toddlers room, making it more cosy and warm. On the colder nights his tossing and turning has stopped and he's as snug as a bug (with a rug!).

I've recycled more, which I didn't think was possible, and I'm reusing and upcycling more. I felt a huge sense of achievement when I used the SY sewing machine to alter our curtains. I have saved the excess fabric to make cushions and even made a waistcoat out of it for a World Book Day costume!

Finally having a home that actually feels like one has been well worth the steps we have taken. With the help of Ikea and the Live LAGOM project I feel accomplishment. That I'm doing my part for the environment and doing it well. Doing it in a sustainable manor.

But I'd be lying if I said it was all roses. I have preached to anyone who happens to mention electricity, bills or anything remotely related to saving energy, about going LED. Our results, however, aren't much to preach about and we are gutted. We really hoped to save energy and of course money, by going LED, but the usage tracker on our online account says little has changed. Trying not to be disheartened I posted to the Facebook looking for advice, support, ideas, anything!!!

Everyone is very supportive and I discover it's possible to have an electricity leak. Who knew??? Weeks later I'm still wandering round the house looking for anything that uses electricity, checking wires and switches. Then as I stand in the conservatory I realise my feet are lovely and toasty. Why are they? The underfloor heating is on! I've been turning it on and off to help with drying the laundry on the MULIG airer. Is this the culprit?? The last time we had people over (Christmas!!) I did think it was only warm on one side of the room. Damn you underfloor heating!! Damn you!!!

A block of 4 pictures, one of fluffy socks on a thick rug, a window with dark curtains, a set of lights with led bulbs and thermostat showing off

Mummy Snowy Owl

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