Movie of the week!

This week's movie of the week is a bit different! And, that's because Daddy and I have been on a day date!!

Yes, today we've been on a child free trip to the cinema! As fans of superhero movies we've been excited about the latest releases and this week's movie of the week has been number one at the box office all over the world.

This week's movie of the week is Thor: Ragnarok.

Taking place two years after the last Avengers movie, Thor is imprisoned by a fire demon who tells him his home will soon be destroyed in the foreseen Ragnarok. Keen to save his home and people he defeats the demon and believes that he has stopped Ragnarok from occurring. 

On returning to Asgard he finds Loki posing as his father, Odin. Angered by his brothers further deception, he leaves taking Loki with him in a bid to find their father. Following an encounter with Dr Strange, Thor and Loki find their father but Odin soon passes away and the princes discover they have a sister, Hela, who just happens to be the Goddess of Death.

Destroying Thor's hammer, Hela pursues Loki and Thor out into space. Thor crashes onto garbage planet Sakaar, is captured and entered as a warrior into the Contest of Champions. 

A twist of fate sees him compete against a very familiar face in the shape of the Hulk. Keen to return to Asgard and save his planet, Thor, recruits Hulk along with some brand new characters to escape.

But will he get their in time? Will he save Asgard? I'm not going to reveal anything further but I will tell you there are some epic battles!

With an all star cast that includes Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum, Thor: Ragnarok is entertaining, funny and certainly worthy of a trip to the cinema! We saw it in 3D as it was the only showing available and I'm glad we did. A shirtless Chris Hemsworth in 3D made it well worth the extra couple of pounds!

If trips to the movies aren't your cup of tea you can pre-order it here.

Happy watching!

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Reindeer Cup Cakes

Everything is feeling a bit festive over at Mummy Snowy Owl HQ and that means its time to get crafty!

This week I decided to do some baking and I came up with these festive beauties! 

Want to give them a try? Here's what you'll need!

- A mixing bowl
- Whisk
- Measuring jug
- Cup cake tray
- Spoons
- Cup cake cases - £1.20 @ Asda
- Red velvet cake mix - £2.00 @ Aldi
- Eggs - 89p @ Asda
- Oil - £1.09 @ Asda
- Water
- Vanilla frosting - £1.75 @ Asda (mine was substituted for the more expensive, Betty Crocker)
- Chocolate reindeers - £1.00 a bag @ Asda or 35p each for the large ones I used
- Reindeer sprinkles - £1.00 @ Asda

Start by emptying the cake mix into the mixing bowl and add three eggs, 105ml of oil and 200ml of water. 

Mix until smooth

Bake for 18-22 minutes on 180 (160 for fan assisted ovens)

Once cool, open your frosting and give it a good stir. 

To decorate I did two styles. For the first I used a spatula to spread the frosting over the cup cake.

Next I sprinkled the cake with reindeer sprinkles.

For the ones with the Malteaser reindeers, I spooned out a small amount of cake from the centre.

I covered the top in frosting and added the reindeer. 

I then sprinkled them too!

That's it you're done!

These cakes went down a storm and were loved by everyone that tried them!

They are super effective and easy to do, making them a must for Christmas! 

Why not give them a try?

Happy baking!

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Book of the week!!

We are starting to feel very festive in the Owl house and our next few books are highly likely to be Christmas themed!

This week's book is no exception! 

Felt Fun Christmas is this week's book of the week!

Children's Christmas Book

An activity book and a mini story all in one, Felt Fun Christmas is a great book for your festive collection.

A 3 year old boy look at a Christmas story book

Each page is brightly illustrated with wintry and festive scenes, with areas to stick on the felt shapes.

A 3 year old boy playing with an activity book

The short story tells of Santa and his friends preparing for Christmas. 

A christmas activity book with felt pieces

Felt Fun Christmas is an ideal book to get your little ones in the festive spirit and let their creativity flow. 

Our 3 year old, Joseph, has had so much playing with this!

A 3 year old boy playing with an activity book

I can see it's going to be a firm favourite from now until the new year!

A 3 year old boy playing with an activity book

Our copy of Felt Fun Christmas was a gift from Joseph's grown up cousin's when I was expecting! It's hard to find new copies online but Amazon have some bargain used copies right here

Happy reading!

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Movie of the week!

A certain little someone has been a bit poorly sick over the last week and has taken to watching this week's movie of the week repeatedly!

Having only watched it once before I'm not sure what made our 3 year old, Joseph, pick it out but he did and its one of my faves!

This week's movie of the week is The Princess and the Frog.

Set in 1920's New Orleans, The Princess and the Frog tells the story of Tiana, a young women with big dreams.  Working numerous jobs, she saves every penny she has towards opening her own restaurant.

The arrival of Prince Naveen sends New Orleans and Tiana's friend, Charlotte, into a flutter. With Charlotte wanting to marry a prince and Naveen needing to marry into money after being financially cutoff by his parents, it seems that the two are destined to each other.

But after Naveen unwittingly cuts a deal with the voodoo witch doctor, Dr Facilier, things take a turn, with both him and Tiana being turned into frogs!

This brings a race against time to try and break the voodoo curse, with new and lovable characters being met along the way! 

With the fantastic voices of Anika Noni Rose, John Goodman, Oprah Winfrey and the Disney legend, Jim Cummings, The Princess and the Frog is brilliantly entertaining. It being one of the studios last hand-drawn animated movies makes it a bit magically. 

If you'd like  to add The Princess and the Frog to your collection it's available from Amazon here.

Happy watching!

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Ka-chow - A Cars themed birthday!

My regularly readers and Instagram followers will know that I am a big Disney fan! So, when our little boy, Joseph, asked for a Cars theme for his 3rd birthday party I was happy to oblige!

I love a good themed party and Joseph has been lucky enough to have a Mickey Mouse and a Thomas the Tank Engine theme before. Having a theme can bring a cute touch to a party but it can also make things expensive! If like us you also have two parties, one for family and one for friends, that can add to the cost too!

So, I thought I'd share with you how we did our Cars themed birthday on a budget, twice!

First, I'll be honest with you and say I did start prepping a couple of months before. Doing this allows time for bargain hunting and getting crafty! I started by looking for ideas on Pinterest and had a flick around the internet for any special offers on partyware.

The latter meant I got the themed invites, tablecloth and party bags on special offer at Toys R Us, getting them for less than half price!

Next, I set about coming up with decorations, and again Pinterest was a great resource for this! I decided to go with bunting and to ensure all the pictures I used matched and were the same style I used Disney Wiki. It was time to get crafty!

Unfortunately my ribbon went missing so I had to use string instead to hang the bunting up and I was concerned it didn't look right but nobody commented and it didn't really matter.

I also put lots of balloons up around the rest of our conservatory and again I didn't buy the Cars ones and bought a packet from Poundland instead and pulled out the relevant colours.

Next, I moved on to food and shopped around for the best possible deals. This included using sites like mysupermarket to check prices and discount and cashback apps like Shopmium and CheckoutSmart. Using these meant I was able to get a selection of drinks and sweet treats for next to nothing!

To add to the theme I decided to give each food a Cars themed name. These were really quirky and everyone commented on them! For the first party I used straws to place them but for the second time I used cocktail sticks. I made the signs using a Word document, creating text boxes and using the pictures I used for the bunting.

Obviously with food and drinks we also needed cups, plates, napkins and cutlery! Again, I avoided the themed ones to keep costs down and buy either plain white from Poundland or coloured ones from eBay. I then buy coloured napkins from Ikea to go with the theme. They are good value and you get 50 for £1.25. 

Now, for the cake! If you've ever flicked round the internet looking for themed birthday cakes you will no doubt have seen the large price tag that comes with them! At the time of Joseph's birthday back in May the new Cars movie was due to be released and we spotted a Lightning McQueen cake on the Asda and Tesco websites but they were never in stock online or in the stores! As much as we tried we couldn't get one and I was really disappointed! I crazily thought I had let Joseph down because of a cake! 

I soon gave myself a stern talking to and instead bought a normal cake, ordered some ribbon from O Sew Emily, cleaned one of his many McQueens and placed it on top of the cake. Do you know what? Joseph love it to bits, telling everyone that Mumma had made him a ka-chow cake!

Now, what about entertainment!? As always we had the Disney tunes playing but unfortunately at the family party in rained on and off all afternoon. Now the party was mainly adults but after a little while people did get a bit restless so we had a round of musical statues! Even some of the grownups joined in but as usual Granny was soon disqualified for cheating! 

On the day we had our friends round we got out every single garden toy we owned! We are also very lucky to have a mini bouncy castle that my brother gave us and this went down a storm with the kids! The party bags were also popular with the them. As I mentioned before I got the Cars themed bags in the sale. I filled them with sweets, bubbles, balls and notepads from Poundland and B&M.

When arranging a children's party it is easy to get caught up in the planning and the bid to make it perfect for your little one. Maybe you even want to impress friends and family members. I really hope that sharing our low budget and Disney themed party will help you plan for your little ones next birthday. 

Above all of this though the most important thing is that your son or daughter has the best possible day. Will they remember or even notice if they had the most expensive crisps or the fanciest cake? Probably not, what they'll remember is being with their family and friends. 

I know the parties I remember most vividly are ones I was surrounded by family, friends, fun and laughter.

Mummy Snowy Owl

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Book of the week!

It's time again for book of the week! 

This week's book is all about friendship, sharing and kindness, which makes it ideal for little ears!

This week's book of the week is Bears on Chairs.

As rhythmic book, Bears on Chairs is engaging and easy to read. On opening we meet 4 little bears and four chairs. 

Each bear picks a chair but when a larger bear comes along there's no room for him on the chairs, making him sad. The four little bears work together to share the chairs, giving the bigger bear somewhere to sit.

Bears on Chairs is simply illustrated and the pages aren't too busy, making it good for those learning to read.

Our copy was a gift but the best valued version is currently the board book, available on Amazon by clicking here.

Happy reading!

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