Thursday 8 April 2021

Snacking Health with Love Corn


Raise your hand if you've gone a little snack crazy during lockdown?? Treats getting a little bit samey during these COVID times?

Well, there's something new to try!! Love Corn is a brand new snack on the scene and we've given it a review, plus there's a giveaway too!

Flat lay showing corn snacks laid out next to their packets

When I first heard about Love Corn, the new crunchy corn kennels snack, I honestly wasn't sure if I'd like them or not!! But we are all for trying new things and we were getting bored of the same snacks all the time! Especially when we were homeschooling! The amount of snacks we have gone through is a little crazy!

Flat lay showing the packets of snacks

These super crunchy snacks definitely hit the spot with four flavours to currently choose from. Salt and Vinegar, Habanero Chilli, Sea Salt and Salt and Vinegar are available in a range of sizes and are a great snack alternative to crisps and nuts. Resealable packaging also makes them great for on the go or if you're the type to not scoff them down all of once, but a word of might want to!!

Each flavour of Love Corn is tasty and hits the spot when snacking. We've enjoyed them as a random snack when we've been digging in the cupboard for a treat, during family movie night and with an alcoholic beverage or two after a long day. 

Flat lay showing corn snacks, a sticker sheet, a tote bag and a woolly hat

Being plant based they are a fit for everyone and you can rest easy when you share them with your vegan and gluten free friends. There also Non GMO, with simple ingredients or plain corn that's roasted and then seasoned and, personally, I think this really adds to the flavour and makes them taste even fresher. 

Fancy giving them a try? Head over to Love Corn and use code CRUNCH20 for 20% off. You can also win Love Corn care package by heading over to Instagram and commenting on post here. Make sure to follow Love Corn too.

Happy snacking!

Mummy Snowy Owl


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