Thursday 14 September 2017

Book of the week

Yes, that's right, the 'book of the week' feature is back! 

With many a rainy day the books are back off the shelf and being put to good use! And we've also had another stack of hand me downs, which seems to have re-sparked the book worm in our 3 year old, Joseph! 

He's especially took an interest in a lovely Thomas the Tank Engine library set. His current fave is all about Rusty, which before now we hadn't come across. 

Rusty is a diesel engine, who works on the same track as Skarlory and Rheneas, but sometimes he spends so much time helping them he forgets about the other work to be done. 

Rusty's book tells a story of friendship and working together in a team, with illustrations in the usual Thomas style, so its a good book to have in your collection!

Unfortunately you can't currently purchase Rusty's story from Amazon, unless you want to spend a silly amount of money, but a quick glance on eBay shows copies available for a couple of pounds each!


Mummy Snowy Owl

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