Wednesday 1 June 2016

Paper Airplane Target Game

Today has been one of those rainy, dull days and to top it off its half term. For many of you this means being stuck indoors with the kids, which can lead to them bouncing off the walls at some point.

Reinforcements are here in the shape of this quick to do craft and game. Hopefully you will have the items needed for the activity in the house.

You will need
  • A large piece of paper - wrapping paper or even newspaper will do
  • Scissors
  • Felt tips 
  • A ruler or items to draw round
  • Tape or Blu-Tack
The equipment listed

Layout the paper and cut to the length you want. Using your ruler or the items you've picked to use as templates, draw different shapes on the paper. Top tip!!! If you use plates. mugs etc be careful when using felt-tips or markers as they may mark the edge of them! 

Brown paper with shapes drawn on it

Cut out the centre of the shapes with the scissors. Add points next to each one, with the easiest ones having the lowest score. Next make your paper airplane. I'll admit these aren't my strong point so this task was passed to hubs, who did a good job. Not sure how to make one? Have a look on youtube. 

Paper plan

Using tape or Blu-Tack secure the sheet of paper to a doorway. Mind the paintwork! 

You might want to consider changing the height for different difficulty levels or to suit different aged children. 

Brown paper with the shapes cutout hanging from a door frame

Brown paper with shapes cutout with a paper plane heading towards it

That's it! Keep a record of the score and maybe give a treat to the winner.


Mummy Snowy Owl

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