Monday 28 September 2015

Winter 14 - The trouble starts

As I sit and wait at the Doctor's I feel sick with nerves. They are running behind and the GP's seem to be trying to rush through patients. I am finally called in and tell the GP my concerns. She tests the sample I have taken and agrees with the midwife that it is likely I have a kidney or bladder infection. She double checks which antibiotics to give me and writes a prescription. I mention a couple of times that Angie has said they should listen to the baby but she doesn't seem overly keen. In the end I say I will call Angie as I leave and see what she suggests to do. At that point the Doctor jumps up and goes to find the practice doppler.

After a few minutes I think she's forgot me and gone home but she appears in a fluster and tells me to lay on the bed. I do as asked and adjust my clothes. The Doctor puts the gel on my stomach and pushes the monitor around. heartbeat. The Doctor pushes down harder with the doppler. I do the best to fight back tears and the urge to wee. I don't know what to make of what the GP says next.

'I wouldn't worry as it's early days. I don't use the doppler often enough to give you a full result. Go home, put your feet up and don't worry about it. If the midwife didn't pick the heartbeat up last time there's little chance of me being able to.'

I tell her that Angie picked the heartbeat up straight away and commented on how quick she found it and how strong it was.

'Oh, well I still wouldn't worry.'

Ok, I'll go home and just sit there without a worry in the world, not knowing if my baby has a heartbeat or not. I leave at a loss as to what to do and collect my prescription on the way home. As I pull on the drive I remember that the consultant had given me an open letter to return or phone with any problems. By the time my husband comes home I have tipped half the house upside down to find it and am in tears. We decide to ring one of the numbers on my notes for advice. Within ten minutes I get a call back and am told to go to the hospital to be checked over.

When we arrive the waiting game starts again...................................................................


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