Sunday 15 June 2014

Summer 2013

So having been probed and flushed I really have to get my finger out of my backside and get down to my target weight! After my latest operation one of the nurses suggests I book in for regular weight checks so I keep on track and hopefully stop myself cheating too often. I do as I'm told and find myself going to be weighed every few weeks.

My husband, close friends and work colleagues are very supportive, as are some of my family. Unfortunately, I feel some people in my life aren't as supportive as they could or should be and the sly comments about me always dieting and falling off the wagon can be heard, loud and clear. I'm well aware of my dieting mistakes over the last few years and I'm the one that has to live with them. I'm the one that has it on my conscience that I have not lost the weight, not made myself a mother or made my husband a father. I battled on regardless ignoring them the best I can.

On the advice of the fertility nurse I switch between diets to try and fool my metabolism. Having already done Weight Watchers for a while I flick between Slimming World and Slim Fast. I increase my exercise and find myself on the Wii most days. I also use YouTube to find different exercise routines and find Taebo videos. I use to do Taebo years ago and always found it burnt the calories and kept my weight down. Some days I'm exercising before and after work by doing Taebo and then Zumba on the Wii, as well as working out on the Wii fit and going for walks with my husband. The weight continues to come off and I near my target.

While visiting the hospital I have got to know a couple of the fertility nurses and one of them, who is a Slimming World veteran, is extremely kind and gives me plenty of advice on losing the last few pounds. When she mentions 'the last few pounds' my ears prick up. Being weighed in kilograms and having my target changed numerous times I have somehow got confused as to how much more I need to lose. She re does the calculations and tells me it's about 5lbs. I can't believe how close I am and I walk out in a bit of a daze. My husband is waiting for me outside as due to the horrendous traffic, tram works and car parking he's unable to park the car and has to drive round while he waits. We are going to Harrogate for our wedding anniversary and as we make our way there we discuss how close we are and I vow to not make a pig of myself while we are there. We do go to the famous Betty's tea room though and I do have a treat but I choose the miniature selection and not the huge cream tea! We spend part of the evening in the Turkish baths and I hope I've sweat my sweet treat out! I also do extra laps in the ice cold pool and I think one of the other couples there think I have lost my marbles!

I spend the next few weeks being careful and keep up with the exercise. I'm so close I can't give up and fall off the wagon again. I have to push on and ignore those that think I'll fail again. As one work colleague points out '5lb is just a couple of big poo's and your clothes'!

Now, where are my trainers.....


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