Handmade by the kids - Christmas Cards

Christmas is getting nearer by the day but there's still chance to make a few festive treats with your little ones. 

Now this craft isn't all that messy and there's no paint or glue! Yippee!!! So, here it is, easy to make, low mess, Christmas cards!

You will need

  • Pack of cards and envelopes (£1 for a pack of 15 @ Poundland)
  • Christmas craft stickers (From as low as £1.49 @ Baker Ross)

I got my stickers last year but they still have the same ones available and you can get 15% off everything using code R651E (excludes sale items and discounted packs). I also chose to use my printer for the text but Baker Ross also offer Merry Christmas stickers. Keep a lookout for their free delivery codes! 

You won't really need a cloth on your table for this craft but you will need a bag or bin for the sticker peel offs.

Layout your cards and stickers and let your little ones get creative! 


Like most kids at this time of year, Joseph has been gradually getting more and more excited. Anyone and everyone we encounter mentions Christmas and Santa bringing presents, which brings a flurry of excitement along with a hyperactive child. Although, these are a Christmas related craft it is a quiet activity, which we did for 45 minutes and getting him to concentrate really calmed him down.

So if you're looking for a craft to calm the hyper moments and have a quiet half an hour give these a try.




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